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March 05, 2020
Super Ball Jump: Bounce Adventures - PRESS KIT
Super Ball Jump Logo

Super Ball Jump is VUXIA's first self developed and published game, on this page you will find a summary and useful assets for the game including videos and images. We have also provided a more in depth Press Kit that includes more assets from the game, you can access it from the link below. If you need any additional info or would like assets in any other formats feel free to reach out. Also feel free to use the materials in your own way for promotional aspects and if you need any help at all please get in touch! :)



Super Ball Jump

Carefully maneuver through the wonderful world of Super Ball Jump. A first of its kind, giving players a new platformer experience on mobile and tablet - designed innovatively for touch.

Super Ball Jump is a new first of its kind free-to-play touch-based 2D platformer. You will Jump, Bounce, Dodge, and Roll with the goal of collecting and saving all Yeebees to unlock the door portals to the next level. Featuring over 80 levels of carefully crafted levels, Super Ball Jump will challenge you from the start but keep you glued to the screen trying to find that next checkpoint... each level complete is a fist in the air worthy moment! New enemies and traps wait for you in the most unsuspecting places. With three core stages each introducing major new mechanisms of play, leaving you wanting to explore more of the mystical worlds of Super Ball Jump!

- Challenge yourself by unlocking achievements
- Super challenging levels to test your gaming touch skills to the max
- Explore the various super huge worlds and stages
- Avoid the traps and enemies that await you
- Collect all the Yeebees in the level to progress further


  • Touch-based platformer, easy and intuitive controlls giving you 360-degree movement. The first platformer of its kind.
  • Over 80 uniquely crafted levels and three main world stages.
  • A huge array of environment game mechanisms that will make you stay on your toes; Cloud platforms that vanish at certain times, platforms that fall once touched, moving platforms in all directions, spikey platforms, and more... be fast with your fingers!
  • Over 100 achievements to be unlocked, some have been hidden to make it extra challenging. Integrated with Google Play Games and Game Center to earn you extra points.
  • Puzzle-based challenges throughout levels using directional teleportation portals, beware of the direction you enter and power!
  • Cloud Saving across devices so you never lose progress, on iOS and Android.
  • Directional shooting from enemies like Snails, avoid the bullets by timing your jumps.
  • An adorable cast of the cutest and creepiest characters all brought to life with traditional 2D hand-drawn animation
  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • Beautifully 4K backgrounds, to give a sense of height and depth… just don’t fall from too high up!


Click here for more game footage


Super Ball Jump Super Ball Jump

Click here for more images and screenshots


VUXIA welcomes you to download Super Ball Jump now on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the Appstore for iOS devices.




Super Ball Jump

Super Ball Jump is the first release by VUXIA. Starting back in 2017, our small team provided development consultations and helped develop games for clients with the dream of one day being able to fund and publish our own - fast forward to 2021 we were able to develop and publish our first flagship title Super Ball Jump.

Chris Daniel
Chris is the co-founder of VUXIA and the lead engineer. He’s worked on several high-profile games in the past but always wanted to pursue his own ideas for game concepts. Back in 2019 starting work on Super Ball Jump, a project he was extremely passionate about after being frustrated with the limited options for platformers on mobile.

Jenifer Ung
Jenifer is the lead creative Artist and literally brings things to life things, she has a real passion for animation and movies and is the artistic and creative flair that holds VUXIA together.

Jasmine Magecha
Jasmine handles QA responsibilities at VUXIA and is paramount to the success of providing a smooth experience for all clients and users. She also makes the best cakes ever!

Dillon Perez
Dillon is the co-founder, acting as an agile delivery lead, and handles PR and marketing for all of VUXIA’s games. Our very own Jira guru. If you would like to find out more about Super Ball Jump or anything VUXIA, feel free to contact Dillon at

For further information, please contact:

Dillon Perez (Public Relations)


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